THE RETURN is a movement, an appointed time, and a specific day set apart for one purpose - the return to God by coming before His presence in humility, prayer, and repentance. 
THE RETURN is not about any one organization, denomination, or person and has
no agenda but revival alone.


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West York COB is offering a simulcast of this important event on SEPTEMBER 26, 2020 from 9AM until 9PM. 
This is a free event but we are asking each person to register by filling out the following form prior to the event:

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                      THE RETURN SCHEDULE & PROGRAM
               *To Be Updated Continually and subject to change


Friday, September 25th 

6 PM – 9 PM ET and MT / 5 PM – 8 PM CT and PT

The Return Eve: Friday Night - Next Generation 

6:00 PM -9:00 PM ET and MT / 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM CT and PT

  • Welcome

  • Music

  • Prayer for Law Enforcement

  • Addiction Restoration Story

  • Worship by The Return Worship Team

  • Testimonies

  • Honor Military

  • Evangelism

Some of the featured guest: Danny Gokey, Mike Lindell, Nicky Cruz, Kevin Sorbo, David Bradshaw, Troy Martinez, Kevin Jessip


Saturday, September 26th 

Opening and Ushering in The Return

9 AM - 9:45 AM ET and MT / 8 AM - 8:45 AM CT and PT 

· Welcome and Opening

· Word and Prayer

· Worship

Some of the featured guests: Jonathan Cahn, Kevin Jessip, Anne Graham Lotz, special guest, Sounding of the Silver Trumpets


Repentance of the Church

9:45-10:00 AM ET and MT / 8:45 – 9:00 AM CT and PT

  • Message

  • Prayer for Apathy, Losing the Fire

  • Prayer for Worldliness

  • Prayer for The Call

  • Prayer for the Church’s Sins

Some of the featured guests: Carter Conlon, Tony Perkins, Dr. Foley Beach, Michele Bachmann, Bill Koenig, Dominic Sputo


Repentance of Christian Leaders 

10:01-10:21 AM ET and MT / 9:01 AM – 9:21 CT and PT

  • Message

  • Prayer for Our Pride as Leaders

  • Prayer for Apathy – Losing the Fire

  • Prayer for our Secret Sins as Leaders

  • Prayer of Repentance

Some of the featured guests: Marcus Lamb, John Kilpatrick, Bishop Harry Jackson, Pierre Bynum, Mark Gonzales

Repentance of Each

10:21-11:07 AM ET and MT / 9:21-10:07  CT and PT

  • Worship

  • Message

  • Prayer for Each – Coming Before God’s Presence

  • Prayer for the Sins of Each of Us

  • Prayer for Ministering to the Heart

  • Prayer for Whatever is Not in Our Lives that Should Be

  • Sealing Prayer Over All Things – The Commitment to Repentance

  • Worship

Some of the featured guests: E.W. Jackson, Gordon Robertson, Stephen Strang, Ray Bentley, Doug Small, Dick Eastman, Ken Wilde

Keynote Address: Prophetic Message to America and the World – Jonathan Cahn 

11:07-12:00 PM ET and MT / 10:07 – 11 AM CT and PT

  • Message and Keynote

  • Worship

Prophetic Message from Jonathan Cahn worship with Paul Wilbur, and the Opening of the Scroll, the beginning of Intercession


Repentance and Intercession for America 

12:00 PM – 2:25 ET and MT / 11 AM - 1:25 PM CT and PT 

  • Prayer for America

  • Prayer of Confession and Repentance and Forgiveness for America’s Falling Away

  • Worship

  • Prayer of Idols and gods

  • Confession and Payer of America’s Idols

  • Prayer and Confession of Sexual Immorality

  • Testimony of Repentance from Sexual Immorality

  • Confession and Prayer for Abortion

  • Worship

  • Prayer of Repentance from hate and Culture of Hate and Violence

  • Prayer for America as a Whole

  • Prayer for the sins of Men

  • Prayer for the sins of Women

  • Prayer – Spiritual Darkness

  • Prayer for Education and Prayer in Schools

  • Prayer for the Military, Congress and Courts

  • Song

Some of the featured guests: Dr. James Dobson, Alveda King, Mike Lindell, Don Moen, Dr. Pat Robertson, Dr. Ben Carson, Kevin & Sam Sorbo, Dave Kubal, John Blanchard, Rick Cury, Doug Stringer, Angel Nunez, Dan Steiner, Allan Parker, Nigel Bigpond, Umar Mulinde


Prayer for the Nations: From the Five Continents and Israel

2:25 – 3:31 ET and MT / 1:25 – 2:31 CT and PT

  • Repentance for the Nations

  • Worship

  • Petition of God to Bless the Nation of Israel and the Jewish People

  • Worship

Some of the featured guests: Danny Gokey, Steve Cioccolanti, Billy Kim, Dr. Oluwassayo ‘Sayo’ Ajiboye, Bob Fu, Ricardo Luna, Jack vanderTang, Herman Martir, Christ Mitchell, Tom Hess, Hormoz Shariat, Tas Saada, Grant Berry, Joshua Aaron, Prayers from and for Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Islands, The Middle East, Israel, Jerusalem, Intercession to the Four Corners and More 

Prayer for Revival, Time in God's Presence, Worship, The Power and Glord of God 

3:31-4:53 PM ET and MT / 2:31-3:53 CT and PT

  • Prayers and Petitions for America and the World

  • Petitions for the Church, Leaders and Pastors, Individuals, America, Nations

  • Worship

  • Message

  • Praying for Revival in America

  • Praying for Revival in the World

  • Worship and Music

Some of the featured guests: Steve Berger, Jonathan Cahn, Kevin & Donna Jessip, Marty Goetz, Paul Pickern


The Seven Trumpets, The Final Prayers, The Blast of the Shofars, The Aaronice Blessing Led by Jonathan Cahn

4:45 - 5:00 PM ET and MT / 3:45 - 4:00 CT and PT 


Break – 5:00- 6:00 PM ET and MT / 4:00-5:00 PM CT and PT

Break with Special Presentations: Julie True Leading Worship 


The Return Evening Celebration 

6:00 – 9:00 PM ET and MT / 5:00 – 8:00 CT and PT

  • Worship

  • Message

  • Prayer Music

  • Prophetic Word

  • Evangelism Message

  • Closing

Some of the featured guests: Don Moen, Ricky Skaggs, Pat Boone, Terry and Barbi Franklin, The Blackwoods, Phil & Jan Enloe, Gloria Wllior, Arwcwn Khoury, Brian Sanders, Kent and Candy Christmas, Ruben and Gloria Arroyo, Jason Hershey, Robert Mawire, Lily Sironi

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