The Wellness Corner … by Judith Wallace, RN, FCN

Trusting in Him

Widespread outbreaks of serious infections like COVID-19 can be very frightening.  We realize that we have lost control of our personal world, we begin to worry about what's coming next.  We focus on the "what ifs", the "hows" and the "whys".  Our human minds feel the urge to figure everything out - to plan, fix or somehow make everything go back the way we want it to be.  Back to where we feel in control again.  Additionally, we look for sources to tell us just "how bad it is" or hopefully that it's getting better.

As Christians we need to stop and consider that "seeking control" and "trusting God" are polar opposites and cannot coexist.  Throughout the Bible the Lord says "trust me".  Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Ruth, even the disciples had no idea where they were going, but they trusted God.  Abraham didn't see how he could become the father of countless children, Moses had only a pillar of fire to follow.  But they trusted the One who does know.  That's the point of trust...believing that God has a plan and He sees the future clearly.  In times like this when we can't see His plan and we don't understand where things are going, we can trust Him.

So how do we go about diverting the thoughts that plague us - the concerns about how we will handle the fearsome aspects of this pandemic infection?

First, we confess to the Lord that we don't want to be in control because that's His job.  We confess that we want to trust Him for today, tomorrow and beyond, and we ask Him to help us to do that.

Next, we take captive the "worry thoughts" that pop up and we don't let them root in our minds.  We replace those thoughts with healthy thoughts (Phil 4:8).  Science has revealed that we can establish new thought paths in our brains to take the place of negative paths.  Isn't that interesting?  The Bible has already told us that in 2 Cor 10:5!

Then, stay physically active and in touch with friends and family.  This isn't necessarily easy - we've been accustomed to going and doing, visiting and traveling.  Those aren't options right now.  However, we can stay physically active by going outdoors to the yard, porch or sidewalk or by doing those chores we've been avoiding.  We can see others and interact so long as we maintain a 6-foot distance.  Find new ways to have regular contact with people: old fashioned letters, phone calls, email groups, FaceTime, Skype...all of these not only help us feel less socially isolated but also serve to bless someone else.  Reach out to someone every day!

Avoid spiritual isolation by using this "time at home" to read and meditate on God's word.  Start a reading plan and stick with it, either reading or listening to the many audio plans.  Watch the numerous church services streaming on line...I've found my grandkids are great resources when it comes to using the internet.  If you know of someone who can't see well enough to read the Bible and doesn't have access to audio venues, call that person and offer to read over the phone.  Reach out to God and to the church family.  Stay connected...God made us for community.


​​Be Well! 






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